How To Start A Bakery Business

If you are good at baking, you can transform your baking skills into a bakery business.

The bakery business is the one easiest businesses to start up and it is also a very highly profitable business to start.

The Bakery business involves transforming your culinary skill into a profitable business.


What Is A Bakery Business?

A bakery business is one that involves the making and sales of baked produce such a:

  • pies
  • pastries
  • doughnuts
  • bread
  • cupcakes and
  • other forms of snacks


If you are planning to start up a bakery business, there are certain business requirements you will need to know if you really want your bakery business to be a successful business venture.

It will be good if you already have good baking skills as your passion or hobby will help you grow your business further




Decide whether you want your bakery business to start from scratch or you want to acquire a business franchise or you would prefer to buy a vacant bakery.

Possible franchises include cafes such as donut shop and pastries shops. While buying a bakery is the quickest way for you to become a bakery owner, but you must find out why the bakery is being sold, it might be that is not profitable any more, so keep an eye out.

Carry out an intensive research of the community/area where you are preparing to set up your bakery in terms of :

  • Their need for a bakery
  • If there are adequate customers
  • If there is a suitable location
  • If there are already too many established bakeries
  • What bakery products the market desires and
  • If you can provide an exceptional customer service to suit the taste of the community


Starting a bakery business is not just about purchasing a bakery and putting bakers there to do the job of baking for you.

Before you put up a bakery, you must first become skilled at baking. Many people make the mistake of putting up a bakery with the aim of hiring bakers and they do not know how to bake.

It is not enough that you hired bakers to do the job you must also be aware of the necessary baking procedure so that your bakers would not give you a run-around.




How To Start A Bakery Business

There are different types of bakeries so  it is very important for you to determine your niche in the bakery business in order to make a success of it.



This type of bakery is often small and it specializes in one specific baked product, such as cakes and pies.

Some retail bakeries could also specialize in just one specified product making various forms of it like making different types of breads and they would be known for this.

Retail bakeries are also known to have a specialty but provide other baked products on a lesser scale.



These are the type of bakeries which are found inside large grocery stores.

You could submit a proposal to run a bakery for big grocery stores that provide cookies, bread and other forms of confectionary items in your area.



This type of bakery is involved in the production of several bakery products for both for the purpose of retail and whole sale to other businesses that sell baked products.

This combination is usually very successful and profitable.

You will need to establish a product line for your bakery.

Define the primary focus of your bakery business as bakery business involves products such as:

  • breads
  • cookies
  • cakes
  • various forms of snacks.

Offer products that can serve as supplements to expand your niche and give customers a well-rounded selection.

Develop your unique recipes that are adaptable, and use parallel processes and ingredients to offer some level of consolidation and competence.

However your chosen product line should be diverse enough for your customers to find it attractive.

Offer seasonal menus and tailored special-order items, such as birthday cakes.

You must maintain product consistency to ensure a particular product always tastes the same every day.




Get a business name that will be easy to remember and catchy for your business.

Register your business legitimately and you should also get the necessary insurance.

You must then establish yourself as a business by obtaining the licenses and permits that you will need to run your bakery.

Find a good location for your bakery as your location can either make or brake your business, so think carefully before choosing.

Look at it in terms of:

  • foot traffic
  • accessibility to your intended customers, and
  • the quality and tone of the neighbourhood

Choose a high-traffic area to entice customers in with the smell from your bakery, or at least a location that is noticeable from a main road and easy for general traffic to access.

Contact local government in the area in question to obtain all necessary licenses and permits and make sure the building complies with fire codes.

Also, ensure that the proposed location is zoned for commercial use and verify this fact with the local government.

The best point to start any business venture is to plan, plan, and plan some more.

The clearer your road to success becomes the more likely you are to go down it.

Any action without a place in a plan is a wasted action.

When it comes to starting a bakery business this cannot be truer, especially since it seems everything cost something and you have a budget to meet.

Therefore you will need a business plan when starting your bakery business, as this will help you increase your focus and produce better results.

If your bakery business is one that requires a high level of outside investment, you may need to spend months creating an extremely thorough business plans to present to the institution or individual you want to get an investment from.




How To Start A Bakery Business

Procure the necessary equipment you will need to operate your business. This will include at least:

  •  Regular oven
  • Aconvection oven
  • Mixers
  • Freezer
  • Refrigerator
  • Stove with burners and an exhaust hood
  • Baker’s rack
  • Baking sheets
  • Pans of various dimensions and sizes
  • Mixing bowls
  • Assorted utensils and cutleries
  • Attractive packaging supplies
  • Cook books and recipe booklets so as to update yourself on the latest trends in the baking industry
  • Sanitizer
  • Storage containers and measuring cups

Ensure you conduct a research on both used and new pieces before making your purchase.

Before starting your bakery business, you will also need to find reliable suppliers for the raw materials you will need on a daily basis at your bakery such as flour, sugar and yeast and try to get the discount from them.

You could ask non-competing bakeries which suppliers they have had success using.

You must contrast the ingredient superiority with prices specified by suppliers.

Ensure you only get best quality of material that your budget can pay for.




  • Educate and train your bakery staff in essential customer-service etiquette as the essence of your business is to keep customers satisfied and loyal to keep them coming back.
  • Generate kitchen schedules assigning diverse baking and cleaning tasks to different individuals in various positions.
  • Ensure your service staffs have a detailed knowledge of your ingredients as well as serving idea.
  • Teach staffs at your counter to package your bakery products so they remain fresh and intact.
  • Proper management of your bakery will go a long way in determining how successful and profitable your bakery business will turn out to be.
  • Generate a recording system for maintaining and ordering ingredients.
  • You can make this in form of a computerized system that adds the quantity of each ingredient that is used up in daily production with your records for ordering inventory or you can handwrite records trailing the quantity of each item you have use and need on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Set up an appropriate storage space to keep flours, grains and other supplies fresh and safe from rodents.
  •  You should establish a striking display system for your bakery business particularly at the reception or space where people order for your bakery products.
  • Use serving dishes and baskets that display your products beautifuly.
  • Make samples  that look plentiful, but don’t stock them with so many products that the items on the bottom will be crushed.
  • Develop an appropriate system for alternating your bakery products in display so that you sell off older bakery products before it gets musty.




  • You can do this by distributing fliers in your neighbourhood and to other businesses that attract people daily. Create a good signpost even before you start so as to create an interest.
  • An amusing and friendly marketing operation can get your bakery business up and running in no time.
  • The oldest and the most effective marketing is word of mouth, try to speak to the people in the area try to befriend them so they will start coming to your bakery and will be telling their friends.
  • Organise an open day, this is an opportunity for you to meet your customers and talk to them. You can put on display all your products and invite them to try it for free.
  • From time to time put some of your products on discount.
  • You might also want to offer the elderly or pensioners a little bit more discount during the week days.
  • When you initially open for business, you could give samples of your bakery products and pastries to encourage high sales and lots of returning customers.
  • You must however note that learning on the job never ends always learn ways to ensure you business remains relevant; you can introduce new recipes as the business expands.


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How To Start A Bakery Business

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